TDEO Enterprise is a company that seeks out technological solutions that aids the growth and success of its clients in their specific sector of business. The birth of our Company was as a result of extensive research in areas of greatest business needs of major companies as well as for individual customers. We work assiduously to bring about virile security solutions, as well as aesthetic and ergonomically friendly designs that aid workplace ambience and productivity in your business, corporate and operating environments. We stand out of the pack because we are keen to provide you solutions that meet and exceed your expectations since we listen through effective customer feedback mechanisms and thorough follow-up and customer care.


Our services work effectively for every client since we understand each client’s unique need and tailor solutions to their unique needs.


TDEO Enterprise is a business whose main aim is to create world class environment and business solutions as well as telematics solution to her clients and by developing interior designs that are Elegant, Exclusive, Exquisite bearing in mind factors such as organization vision, mission, objective target market or individual themes, mood, hobbies and personalities to come up with the perfect combination for our clients.


Our Vision to be the top leading Company in Telecom Telematics Solutions, Interior Design & Decoration and Real Estate service both in Africa and across the globe.


Our business pursuits and endeavours are guided by the following principles: