Private Tracking Class


In 2013 the number of car thefts involving keys rose to 80% (from 60% in 2012) showing the increasing sophistication of car criminals. TDEO TRACKER offers a range of car tracking solutions that protect your vehicle in the event of a theft, and we’re proud to say that over 95% of stolen vehicles fitted with a TRACKER are returned to their owner, and 86% of these are recovered within 24 hours.

we have assured the 100% recovery rate with the help of our tracking system. We not only offers the web based tracking account on our secured servers; however, we also offer handy mobile apps for tracking your vehicles from anywhere round the globe. Our customers can immobilize their vehicles in just 3 seconds from anywhere by just sending one command from our mobile app or by one SMS.

You can also save money on your driving costs and car insurance with security tracking systems from TDEO TRACKER. We successfully track and recover a range of stolen vehicles fast, which benefits insurance companies and these benefits are then passed onto you in the form of discounted premiums.

We also providing over speeding and geo-fence alerts which adds more value to the security features of our tracking system.

Our Solution consists of :

  • Real Time Location and Automatic Controlling in Case of Misuse of Vehicle
  • Remote Immobilization Feature
  • Tracking Mileage and AC
  • Generating MIS report and sending email alerts for mechanical warnings
  • Speed restrictions and Geo-fencing
  • Boosting productivity and management control
  • Driver Identification System and attendance management
  • Personalized Location Settings
  • High Quality European Hardware